Born in a rural coastal area of North Carolina, I was lucky enough to grow up at a time when kids were sent outside to play all day.  With hours to wander through both woods and marsh grass, I grew to love the sounds, smells and sights of the incredibly rich environment. My preference for wild spaces continues today. 

Random weave is the language I use to build form. Reed is my preferred line; forms are created line by line. Seemingly chaotic, the random weave process is a method that demands equal attention be paid to this line, to the surface and to the structure.

Whether approaching a recognizable form such as a dress, or creating a new one as in a pod, the works are often responses to an existing vine or contour. My interests lie in how best to articulate the starting contour combined with seeing how far I can push the reed. The reed wants to self-organize and needs to be redirected, a forced randomness at times. With a nod to wildness, the random weave process allows me to simultaneously explore light and shadow, the laying down of a line, and the working edge of a traditional medium.


Anne's Studio at   Litmus Gallery and Studios