Born in a rural coastal area of North Carolina, I was lucky enough to grow up at a time when kids were sent outside to play all day.  With hours to wander through both woods and marsh grass, I grew to love the sounds, smells and sights of the incredibly rich environment. My preference for wild spaces continues today. 

Sculptural weaving allows for the integration of natural materials with formal aesthetic decisions.  Process demands equal attention be paid to the line, to the surface, and to the space within which the objects are built.  In addition, the materials have their own inherent capacities and properties which have to be considered as well. 

As process and materials come together, the objects feel faintly familiar yet I can’t pinpoint why or how, or even the language being used.  There is great beauty as well as almost unimaginable intricacy in the natural world.  We knew this; we lived this. Perhaps that is where the memory lives too.


  Anne's Studio at   Litmus Gallery and Studios